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23 September
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I'm an author who writes a bizarre mix of Horror & Urban Fantasy, usually with a "Post-Mythic" genre element. My books can be found on amazon.com as well as multiple other online retail sites. Currently I have two novels released, "Petty Like A God," and "In Bleed Country," two collections released, "Further Than Fate," and "Fragments Of Ruin," and two chapbooks, "... And If Eternity Failed You," and "Our Sketches & Echoes." My work (including short stories, articles & essays) have appeared in GLAHW's Ghostlight Magazine, Technicolor Magazine, Culinary Carnival, HAU Magazine, and various others.

Living in Ohio with 2 cats that are probably plotting my doom, I survive primarily on a diet of coffee & cigarettes. I was terribly disappointed to discover my big century house wasn't haunted; I plan to summon something interesting to lurk around the hall as soon as I have some free time. A failed art student, I still dabble in Visual Arts and design all my own book covers along with scribbling out interior illustrations. Sometimes I pretend to make really, really bad electronica music. I'm a surprisingly good cook - of course, I'll eat anything that's dead. (dead: optional) I listen to every form of music as long as it's NOT Country. Anymore, if you ask me about politics or religious, I'm just gonna babble some quote from H.P. Lovecraft... because it's all pointless.